“It’s all about the experience you give to your guest… to let them feel your passion.”

Chef Stefano Di Salvo

With over 25 years working in luxury hotels all across Asia, Chef Stefano feels at home no matter where he goes. His love for all forms of fine art provides him with constant inspirations for tastefully crafted dishes, finished off with a dollop of pure Italian bravado.


Traditional with a twist

“Keep it simple, and respect the traditions.”

Pasta is for Italian cuisine what strings are to a violin. Born to a Sicilian father and a Napoleon mother, ‘traditionality’ has always been a grounding pillar in Chef Stefano’s culinary style. With that said, his creative process is also largely influenced by his travels all across Asia, ensuring that every dish is meticulously tuned and adjusted with a local twist.

Basics, basics, basics

“I always say, knowledge is power.”

You can accomplish anything with a good knife, and you can make any dish taste fantastic with a good tomato sauce. The concept of mastering the basics before incorporating the latest trends isn’t just fundamental to Chef Stefano’s cooking, it also rings true in every aspect of his life.


Truffle Risotto

Savory, rich, creamy, and highly technical. The truffle risotto is a classic Italian staple that perfectly embodies the region’s “Eat Well” mentality, and puts to test a wide range of a chef’s fundamental culinary knowledge.

Black Truffle

The truffle hunt

Sourced from the oak trees of Alba, Italy. Truffle dogs used in this secretive trade often take up to 6 months to train, and only understand a very specific dialect of Italian.

Carnaroli Rice


Normally served as a primo (first course), this Italian rice is to be cooked to all’onda (smooth and creamy), and only then would it be considered authentic.


Chef Stefano will be presenting a masterclass dedicated to his love of truffles.