“I like to keep it clean, to the point, and just let the ingredients do the talking.”

Chef Pieter Fitz-Dreyer

Originally from London, England, Chef Pieter came to Hong Kong in search of new challenges. His relationship with food started when he was 14, scrubbing the butchers block. Now having worked for some of the most prestigious hotels and restaurants across the world, he aims to bring a refreshing note of creativity to the table, featuring inspired classics crafted with seasonal quality ingredients.


Body balance

“There are a lot of different textures and flavors in every part of the animal.”

A respect for the ingredient, from nose to tail. When creating a dish, Chef Pieter puts extra emphasis on ‘body balance’, the concept of using every part of the animal. This is a practice that came from his deep understanding of the ingredients, and is something he picked up during his early years working as a butcher.

Elegantly simple, simply elegant

“Never crowd the plate. Keep it simple, keep it seasonal.”

Despite Chef Pieter’s familiarity with more ‘rustic’ ingredients such as meat and seafood, he often finds inspiration in refining what it means to ‘eat well’. From ingredient selection to plating, his approach is minimalistic, allowing his ingredients to ‘do the talking’.


Loch Duart Salmon Crudo,
Oyster Tartare, Cucumber and Oyster Leaf

Clean. Refreshing. An homage to Chef Pieter’s passion for foraging. This dish showcases the balance of flavors and textures using floras and faunas that could be found flourishing close to one another.

Oyster leaves

The vegetarian’s bivalve

Also known as sea bluebells, this fleshy low-growing shore plant is native to Scotland and has notes comparable to oysters, anchovies, mushrooms and borage.


“R” for ripe

A general rule-of-thumb with oysters is to source them during the months that contain the letter “R” in their names, as they tend to grow plumper in preparation for the reproduction seasons in June, July and August.


Chef Pieter will be presenting the main courses at the immersive supper.