“Always learning and to respect the locality – the food, people, and culture.”

Chef Matt

With humble beginnings working as a kitchenhand in his family's business, Chef Matt embarked on a culinary journey through the kitchens of luxury hotels in Southern Asia to expand his mind. Chef Matt brings to the table decades of rich culinary expertise and local knowledge, and he’s not hesitant to share it.


Small smiles, big difference

“The first thing I teach my chefs is to be focused and positive.”

In the fast-pace world of fire, pots, and pans, there is little room for mistakes. Chef Matt strongly believes that a smooth-running kitchen relies heavily on communication, diligence, and a smile from the heart.

As an outsider

“The key is to understand how, what, and why they eat.”

As a Malay with training in Western cuisine, Chef Matt lets the world around him guide his creative approach to Vietnamese cuisine. From local customs, traditions, to their relationship with food, he is always eager to showcase them all in his creations.


Braised Copiah in Fish Sauce

Copiah, a popular local fish, slow braised in fish sauce, with sweet, sour, and savory notes perfectly balanced by local herbs and spices. This dish is inspired by the “fire” that drew Chef Matt to Phu Quoc and his passion for Vietnamese flavors.


The white fish

A fresh water white fish that shares the same texture as Swordfish. Its full-bodied texture is best suited for grilling and braising.

Fish Sauce

Savory traditions

A condiment made from fermented fish and salt. It is a staple ingredient in various Southeast Asian cuisines, commonly used as a base in dipping sauces.


Chef Matt will be presenting a masterclass sharing first tastes of emerging hot spot Phu Quoc.