“There is pastry making and there is culinary art, and I strive for the latter.”

Chef Gee

Chef Gee’s canvas is the plate. Joining JW Marriott Bangkok’s culinary team in 2015, his passion for art with a local twist can be seen through his emphasis on color balance, texture, and taste within all his creations.


Aunt’s custard

“The nostalgia of a happy childhood makes this the best dish for me.”

Chef Gee grew up in front of the oven at his Aunt’s kitchen. Whenever his aunt made a batch of traditional Thai custard to be sold at the market, he would always get first taste. To Chef Gee, the beauty of food lies in the sub-conscious and the memories each flavor conjures up.

Land of Smiles

“I draw energy from the people I work with and the smiles from my guests.”

A nickname given to Bangkok due to the city’s hospitable and accommodating energy. This energy also acts as an unceasing source of respite and inspiration for Chef Gee. No matter how long his day gets, the city’s positivity never fails to bring him back up.


Coconut Tiramisu with honey comb

A Thai twist to a western classic. Creamy. Rich. Elevated. This dish showcases Chef Gee’s passion for complex flavors through the perfect balance of the Tiramisu’s silky texture, enhanced by the coconut milk’s unique aroma, paired with the honey comb’s sweetness and the mango sago and pomelo’s sourness.


The sweetest dessert

A delicate dessert layered with sponge cake dipped in liqueur, Tiramisu literally translates to “cheer me up”, a dish solely created to brighten up a person’s day.

Coconut milk

Not actually milk

A rich aromatic liquid produced by combining the meat and water of a mature coconut, strained through a cheese cloth. Its thicker consistency makes it the ideal ingredient for desserts and dry sauces used in Thai cuisine.


Chef Gee will be presenting the dessert course at the immersive supper.