Experience the JW Treatment with Chef Yosef Szeto
and guest Chef Antonieta Manhão (Neta)

Unearth the wonderful mix of tastes and aromas behind true Macanese cuisine with cooking from mom-chefs. The heart of traditional Macanese cuisine lies in the preserved family recipes that are passed from mothers to daughters, like family heirlooms. Influenced by Portuguese, Chinese, African and Indian cooking and infused with an array of spices and ingredients from around the world, feel your taste buds stimulated with a wonderful fusion of exotic flavors.

Savor authentic Macanese dishes at the tables of Urban Kitchen

TACHO and Portuguese Curry Chicken

Tacho, a Macanese evolution of the Portugese dish Cozido, is a popular stew made with Chinese meats including cured sausages and duck, cabbage and puffed pork skins. Portugese Curry Chicken, first originated in the Portugese colony of Goa, India, wasn’t perfected until it reached Macau. Mild and slightly sweet thanks to the coconut milk, this Portuguese Chicken curry with potatoes is brightly flavored with turmeric, tomatoes, olives, and lemon juice.

Pasteis de bacalhau

A popular appetizer, Pasteis de bacalhaua are codfish croquettes made from shredded fish, onion, garlic and parsley and served with green salad, olive and lemon.

Crab Congee

Flavorful crab soaked in a smooth and fragrant rice porridge.


Meaning “crown” in Portugese, Capella is a baked meatloaf dish made with cheese, black olives and breadcrumbs. The jewel on top: juicy bacon.

With Chefs Neta and Yosef
Discover how our Chefs bring Macanese tradition to life at Urban Kitchen
I'm extremely pleased with my dining experience at Urban Kitchen. The food is exceptional as the ingredients are locally sourced and extremely fresh. Even better, the servers are extremely polite and attentive!
Carol & Vin, RunHotel.hk
Many of us don't like the idea of dining in a buffet restaurant, but once I tried Urban Kitchen, I completely changed my mind.
Journalist, Irene Sam
I use to question the authenticity of buffets - but after my wonderful, not to mention scrumptious, feast at Urban Kitchen - my perception has completely changed!

Urban Kitchen is a modern and lively all-day dining outlet, which showcases a buffet of international and regional flavors. From Portugal and Tuscany to Beijing and Sichuan, the restaurant is divided into six different food zones along with a seafood bar and a dessert station. Signature dishes include Grilled Portuguese Chorizo and Roasted Peking Duck. Guests may experience the ultimate in tea culture thanks to Urban Kitchen’s wide tealeaf selection and in-house expert tea sommelier.

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Portugese Curry Chicken

Deep-fried Bacalhau Ball

Crab Congee