Experience the JW Treatment with Chefs Justin Kam,
Thomas Liang and Bob Huang

Discover the symphony of food and art as our chefs and master silk painter MingYu come together to pay tribute to Hangzhou's best traditions. Inspired by the delicate flavors of home-cooking, every dish is a contemporary take on traditional Hangzhou culinary culture. Sample delicacies such as scallion fried dough wrap, custard layer puff pastries, orecchiette noodles and glutinous osmanthus cake while admiring MingYu's newest silk painting of the beautiful West Lake.

Experience traditional Hangbang cuisine at the tables of JW Marriott Hangzhou

Longjing Tea Leaf with Fresh River Prawn

With a history that can be traced back to the Song Dynasty, this dish was reputedly created from a happy coincidence. When Emperor Qianlong was visiting the Longjing area, a chef mistook Longjing tea leaves as spring onions and added them to the river shrimps, resulting in the dish we know today. The delicate flavor of the Longjing tea leaves enhances the freshness of the river prawns, giving the dish an added note of elegance.

Braised Beef

A dish created and popularized by a local Zhejiang chef using local ingredients and slow cooking to make the beef tender and juicy.

Zhejiang Vintage Yellow Wine Steamed Alaskan King Crab

This bestselling Alaskan King Crab was created by Chef Thomas Liang, our Executive Chinese Chef. He utilizes local yellow wine to marinate and steam the king crab to obtain a unique flavor of seafood and vintage yellow wine.

Double boiled Hangzhou Chrysanthemum with Dates and Grouper Bone Soup

Recognized as Hangzhou’s most beloved flower, the Chrysanthemum is an essential herb commonly used in Chinese traditional medicine. Fused with emperor dates and Grouper bone soup, the Chrysanthemum adds a hint of "flowery" nutrition that perfectly compliments the rich flavors of this traditional soup.

With Chefs Justin, Thomas and Bob
Discover how our chefs bring Hangbang cuisine to life at JW Marriott Hangzhou
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The menu is comprehensive, with influences from around the world. The level of service is especially remarkable. The rich cuisine and elegant ambience contribute to a spectacular night!
Delicious cuisine, all gathered in one place! From magical Indian delicacies to flavorful Thai Tom Yum soup, from colorful Korean dishes to exotic Vienamese cooking, and even famous Indonesian cuisine... it's all here!
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Asia Bistro offers casual dining throughout the day, from a la carte to international favorites to even our sumptuous buffet featuring live cooking and fresh seafood.

Asia Bistro Signature Dish

Taste of Asian
• Hainan Chicken Rice
Poached Chicken, Fragrant Rice, Vegetables Soup and Condiments

• Sakamushi 
Japanese Hot Pot Clam with Sake 

• Malaysian Curry Beef Brisket with Hand-Pulled Noodles
Braised Beef Brisket Cooked with Coconut Milk and Curry, served on Hand-Pulled Noodles

• Nyonya Chili Crab
Nyonya Style Chili Crab with Bread

Cru Steak House Signature Dish 
• Texas Barbeque Wagyu Short Ribs 
Wagyu Short Ribs with Roasted Herbs, Chilies Pepper Marinated Potatoes and Olive Oil Confit of Summer Yunnan Mushroom, Dressed with Homemade Texas Barbequed Sauce 

Man Ho Club Signature Dish
• Traditional Hangzhou Cuisine of Longjing Tea Leaf with Fresh River Prawn
• Hangzhou Cuisine of Braised Beef 

Man Ho Signature Dish - Traditional Cantonese Cuisine
• Zhejiang Vintage Yellow Wine Steamed Alaska King Crab
• Double boiled Hangzhou Chrysanthemum with Dates and Grouper Bone Soup

Sweet Touch
• Bread & Butter Pudding, Vanilla Ice Cream 
• Rich Hot Chocolate Lava Cake with Raspberry Sauce