“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Chef Sidharth

Taking up the role as his mother's “sous chef” at their home kitchen, Chef Sidharth discovered his calling for the culinary arts as a young boy. Leaving the hustle and bustle of India's major cities, his relocation to the foothills of the Himalayas sparked a new passion for uncovering the medicinal benefits of the local ingredients and translating these flavors into every dish.


Loud and proud!

“Every spice has its own flavor, you have to keep all of them alive.”

Let each flavor sing with brilliance. Balancing spices is one of most challenging aspects in Indian cuisine, from the awareness of each spice’s “lifespan” to accurately controlling their “volume”, such fluency can only be achieved through constant practice and experimentation.

Cook for the big picture

“Every menu is an experience.”

There is a story behind every dish and every ingredient. When Chef Sidharth creates a menu, he lets more than flavors inspire him. From the seasons, presentation, ingredient story, to the meal’s surroundings, every bite is personal and has a tale to be told.


Sandal Wood, Raw Banana, and Fig Cakes with Peach Relish

It’s not every day you see wood on your dessert menu. Fragrant, highly unique, and shallow fried to perfection, this dish embodies Chef Sidharth’s passion for constantly bringing new stories to the dining table.

Sandal wood

The god wood

Sandal wood is considered one of the most sacred wood in the Hindu Ayurveda, a system of medicine in the Indian subcontinent. The wood is often made into a paste to mark religious utensils, decorate deities, and calm the mind during meditation and prayer.


The holy fruit

Throughout India, the banyan fig tree is a sacred symbol to Vishnu and Shiva, symbolizing the powers of fruitfulness. The fruit also served as a vital food source for monks during their pilgrimage through the vast Indian forests.


Chef Sidharth will be presenting a masterclass dedicated to achieving nutritional balance.